Beth Hinton
PhD Candidate

Beth is a Massey University Scholar who joined CERG in April 2019. Her doctoral research focusses on the foraging ecology of pilot whales in New Zealand waters. Prior to this, she completed a Summer Studentship with Massey University focussing on age of stranded long-finned pilot whales following graduation from the University of Liverpool with a BSc (Hons) Marine Biology



PhD Project:

Investigating variation in the diet and foraging ecology of the long-finned pilot whale (Globicephala melas edwardii) in New Zealand waters  

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Karen Stockin, Dr Emma Betty and Dr Sarah Bury (NIWA).


This project uses archived samples from long-finned pilot whales stranded on the New Zealand coast to study diet. Using a mixture of stomach contents analysis, stable isotope analysis and fatty acid analysis this research aims to explore ontogenetic variations in the foraging ecology of this species.

Project funding:

              Wildbase Research Trust

              Research Fund


              The Royal Society Hutton Fund



Cetacean Ecology Research Group

School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

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New Zealand / Aotearoa


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